Our aim is that our structured programmes will contribute to the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement within CNWL, where staff at all levels have the confidence to highlight areas for improvement and then have the skills, knowledge and support to be able to implement improvements. Central to this work is service user and carer involvement in all our improvement work.

The Academy’s improvement work, including quality improvement (QI), is grounded in science, it incorporates data collection, clinical science and system theory. It ensures the quality of healthcare in CNWL continues to improve and evolve.

Our Vision

To develop a workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to continually strive for safety, improvement and excellence throughout the organisation.

Our Strategic Goals 

  • To improve year on year the safety of our patients, visitors and staff and the outcomes for our patients and service users.

  • To improve year on year the experience of our patients and service users and involve them in our improvement work.

  • To further develop a highly skilled, motivated and engaged workforce which continually strives to improve patient care and Trust performance.

  • To link our core programmes to strategic priority areas for the Trust.

Annual reports

The annual reports highlight successes, challenges, key case studies, and look at next steps for the future.

Trust Priority Areas

The Improvement Academy prides itself on our QI projects being locally owned and prioritised by staff, service users and carers based on what matters to them. There are however some areas that teams are trying to tackle that are common not just to them, but for multiple teams and services across the Trust. These areas are captured within the strategic principles of the CNWL Strategy 2022-25 and it is here that we focus a large part of our central QI resource to support. You can read more about these by following the links or finding articles in our QI Stories and QI Posters sections.


In 2023 and 2024 we will continue to align the work of the Improvement Academy to CNWL’s Strategy 2022-25.

We will deliver a Spreadathon approach aligned with the principles of the Strategy. This involves supporting staff to spread sustained improvements and innovations across the organisation using a standardised approach and framework.

  • Violence Reduction

  • Psycho-social waiting times
  • Improving Flow

In addition, aligning with the strategic principle of Focus on excellent care we are supporting a Seclusion QI Programme

A QI programme is being run in Q3 and Q4 to reduce and review the use of seclusion with a focus on inpatient wards in St Charles and Park Royal in line with our strategic principle to focus on excellent care.


The Improvement Collaborative involved training and coaching 90 staff to undertake 21 QI projects aligned to CNWL's Strategy 2022-25.

During 2022-23 we focused on two strategic principles - simple effective processes, and focus on excellent care.

The programme ran from October 2022 to April 2023. Projects achieved 100% expert by experience involvement.

Programme Manager – Geetika Singh (Head of QI)

See End of Programme report

Programme Sponsor – Dr Con Kelly (Chief Medical Officer)

Project Teams:

  • Information Governance
  • Patient Feedback and Complaints
  • Infection Prevention and Control (Hand Hygiene)
  • Specialist Rehab
  • Kensington & Chelsea CAMHS
  • Milton Keynes Community Health Services – Nursing
  • Milton Keynes Community Health Services – WICU
  • Quality Governance (Diggory)
  • HR Retention (Jameson)

Programme Sponsor – Ross Graves (Chief Strategy and Digital Officer)

Project Teams:

  • Liaison Psychiatry (St Mary’s)
  • Liaison Psychiatry (Harrow)
  • Liaison Psychiatry (Hillingdon)
  • Brent Older Adult CMHT
  • 0-19 Community Health Service Milton Keynes
  • REST Team
  • Kensington Chelsea & Westminster ReFoCuS
  • Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team Milton Keynes
  • Westminster CAMHS Neurodevelopmental Disorders Teams
  • Collingham Gardens
  • Westminster CAMHS Emotional Disorders Team
  • Infection Prevention and Control (Sharps)


The Improvement Collaborative involved training and coaching 90 staff to undertake 22 QI projects aligned to CNWL's Strategy 2022-25.

During 2022-23 we focused on four of the Trust priorities Improving flow, Improving Safety, Violence Reduction and Pressure Ulcers reduction.

Programme Manager: Geetika Singh, Head of Quality Improvement

See the End of Programme report

Programme Manager: Peter Toohey, Improvement Advisor

Programme Sponsors: Dr Simon Edwards, Clinical QI Lead and Dr Paul Hopper, Divisional Medical Director

Project Teams:

  • Harrow Community Team
    • QI Coach: Chris Wilson
    • Team Sponsors: Dean Ramjeet and Deepti Shah-Armon
  • Kilburn Brent Community Team
    • QI coach: Saadia Arshad
    • Team Sponsors: Nicholas Bygraves and Kemi Akanle
  • Kensington and Chelsea Community Team South
    • QI Coach: Tom Maclaren
    • Team Sponsors: Lucy Cook and Jasna Munjiza
  • North Westminster Hub Regents Park Community Team
    • QI Coach: Paul Fielder
    • Team Sponsors: Paul Russel and Graham Behr
  • Willow Ward
    • QI Coach: Michele Dowling
    • Team Sponsors: Stephanie Oldroyd and Tinashe Kahwa
  • Addictions
    • QI Coach: Dima Abdulrahim
    • Team Sponsor: Teresa Wirz
  • HMP Highdown
    • QI Coaches: Sarah McAllister and Paul Cleary
    • Team Sponsor: Simon Edwards

Programme Manager: Bridget Browne, Improvement Advisor

Programme Sponsors: Jack Pooler, Assistant Director of Safety and Gareth Jarvis, Jameson Medical Director

Project Teams:

  • Kensington and Chelsea Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
    • QI Coach: Esha Shah
    • Team Sponsor: Jackie Shaw
  • Hillingdon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
    • QI Coach: Tami Kramer
    • Team Sponsor: Jackie Shaw
  • Kensington and Chelsea Community Team North
    • QI Coach: Asmita Gorasia
    • Team Sponsors: Sue McDonell and Jasna Munjiza
  • South Hub Victoria for Wesminster
    • QI Coach: Kamaldeep Rai
    • Team Sponsors: Paul Russell and Graham Behr
  • HMP Bronzefield
    • QI Coach: Esha Shah
    • Team Sponsor: Stella Simpson
  • Serious Incident Review Team
    • QI Coach: Peter Smith
    • Team Sponsor: Alison Butler

Programme Manager: Sarah McAllister and Esha Shah, Improvement Coaches

Programme Sponsor: Kim Cox, Jameson Director of Nursing

Project Teams:

  • Tasman Ward
    • QI Coach: Michele Dowling, Improvement Advisor for Diggory Division
    • Team Sponsor: Sue Browning
  • Pine Ward
    • QI Coaches: Amanda Jack and Teresa Smith
    • Team Sponsors: Allessandro Malfatto and Ian Currie
  • Hazel Ward
    • QI Coach: Lee O'Neil
    • Team Sponsors: Lesley Halford and Tinashe Kawha

Programme Manager: Peter Smith, Improvement Advisor

Programme Sponsor: Helen Willetts, Director of Infection Prevention and Control

Project Teams:

  • Camden IPC: Gospel Oak
    • QI Coach: Edwin Onsase
    • Team Sponsor: Percy Watungwa
  • Camden IPC: Belsize Priory
    • QI Coach: Margo Fallon
    • Team Sponsor: Percy Watungwa
  • Camden IPC: Hunter Street
    • QI Coach: Oluwakemi Ologbon ori
    • Team Sponsor: Percy Watungwa
  • Camden IPC: Oakwood Ward, St Pancras
    • QI Coach: Savitri Jhala
    • Team Sponsors: Carole Walters and Luxmi Dhoonmoon
  • Camden IPC: Rochester East, St Pancras
    • QI Coach: Esha Shah
    • Team Sponsors: Carole Walters and Luxmi Dhoonmoon
  • Camden IPC: Rochester West, St Pancras
    • QI Coach: Hannah Coles
    • Team Sponsors: Carole Walters and Luxmi Dhoonmoon
  • Milton Keynes Community Services
    • QI Coaches: Dinah Pressly and Michele Dowling
    • Team Sponsor: Kristina Thomson


Our improvement Journey - click picture to enlarge

Year one

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Year four

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Year two

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Year five

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Year three

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Year six

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