Posted on: 22 November 2019


Autumn edition

Those familiar with improvement science with know there’s a great deal of emphasis placed on success sharing. It helps spread the word about QI, motivates others to start QI projects, and ensures staff, patient and carer contributions to QI projects are recognised and appreciated.

Wherever you are on your QI journey there are opportunities to become more involved, and it’s never too late! For those of you just starting out, why not register for Bitesize QI, a half-day training session outlining the key components of the Model for Improvement. Details of the training are available on the microsite

Alternatively, for those happy to go it alone, the IHI modules QI101-QI105 of the excellent online training will give you what you need to get your project started. You also get certificates for completing each module- good for your CV!

QI spotted on Twitter this month

Great to see thirty QI project teams learning together about the power of patient involvement in driving forward improvement. All thanks to Sandra Jayacodi (CNWL service user and carer involvement) and Andy Longmate (IHI).


There are a number of courses the Trust offers to support you and your colleagues with quality improvement. You can find out more about QI training on the QI microsite.

For more information

There is a lot more information on Quality Improvement in CNWL on the QI microsite. This includes how to start a QI project, how to contact your Divisional Clinical QI Lead and how to get support from a QI coach. You can follow and share your improvement with us on Twitter @QICNWL

We welcome Lorianne Martin as Jameson division's new QI clinical lead

Lorianne Martin is now Jameson division’s QI clinical lead which is in addition to her substantive role as Head of Governance. She replaces Tresa Andrews who is now on a one year career break. We wish Lorianne all the very best in this dynamic and exciting role.

Quality Improvement Training practicum

This month, 115 CNWL staff started the Quality Improvement (QI) Science in Action Practicum, run by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) together with CNWL. The practicum is a year-long programme, which is designed to walk 30 CNWL project teams through their improvement journey with supportive training and coaching.

This year we have decided to focus on two of our quality priorities, with 11 projects working to reduce falls and 10 projects working to reduce violence incidents on our mental health inpatient units. They are joined by nine other projects which have been selected to join the practicum. This group includes a project being run by our Patient and Public Involvement Team with a service user and carer as active team members.
On 21 October 2019, these 115 staff (30 improvement teams), came together for three days of focused learning to develop their ideas of change for improvement. Dr Con Kelly, CNWL’s Medical Director  and executive sponsor for QI opened the practicum talking about the importance of patient and carer involvement in quality improvement.

Alison Butler, Trustwide QI Programme Lead said “The energy in the room over the first face-to-face days was fantastic. It was great to see how teams were able to network and share their ideas for change. We look forward to working alongside teams with structured learning as they develop their improvement projects.”

The Improvement Science in Action Practicum forms part of CNWL’s Quality Improvement Programme which has been running since November 2017. Staff have been developing improvement stories from their successful projects and you can see more on the QI website.

Management Fundamentals 2019/20 cohort learns about Quality Improvement

For the past two years quality improvement has been integral to the Management Fundamentals training programme. In the picture above, Simon Edwards, Trustwide QI Clinical Lead and Medical Director for Diggory division, discusses the key ingredients to successful QI projects with delegates.

Simon, along with other QI colleagues will be providing ongoing QI support to delegates throughout the duration of the programme. 

QI Tip of the month: New Life QI videos now on microsite

Life QI has recently developed some new videos that will be helpful for anyone embarking on their QI journey. For example:

  • Starting a new project
  • Creating a driver diagram
  • Creating a chart
  • Creating a measure
  • You can find them at this link

Please feel free to share with your colleagues!