14 September 2020

Kenton Lodge in Kingsbury embarked on an improvement journey in 2019 to reduce falls by assessing the reason patients fall and adapting to minimise the risk of future falls. Senior Occupational Therapist Norma Vaughn and Clinical Nurse Specialist Angela Kinyanjui share Kenton Lodge’s improvement journey and their own experiences taking part in this project in a video interview. Angela and Norma discuss the Plan Do Study Act cycles (PDSAs) they’ve tried, why they chose to focus on adapting to minimise future falls and the impact this Quality Improvement (QI) project has had on the team and patients.

“Along the way you need change ideas and once we realised the importance of changing ideas, rather than looking at the end product, we found that things were becoming easier for us to understand and to implement.” – Norma Vaughn, Senior Occupational Therapist

“The standard of care improves because of the QI project, it makes people think outside the box. We are looking at our own way, how we see things in our perspectives, we’re also seeing it from the clients perspective, we’re also seeing it from the carers perspective and when you combine all of these things together you improve so many other aspects.” – Angela Kinyanjui, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Take a look at the interview below.