Posted on: 8 August 2019

In July, 32 trainee Improvement Coaches came together for Wave 2 of the Improvement Coach Professional Development Programme.

The Improvement Coach Development Programme, delivered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, further develops improvement knowledge and skills in order for participants to coach improvement teams.

This interactive six month training program is designed to advance participants improvement capability and their skills in successfully coaching and facilitating improvement teams. The new Improvement Coaches will be completing their course in September 2019 and joining their colleagues from Wave 1 to coach quality improvement project teams in CNWL.

Alison Butler, Trustwide QI Programme Lead said “The completion of our second wave of QI coaches is an exciting development for our QI journey in CNWL. The coaches will join their colleagues from Wave 1 to guide and advise individuals and teams working on QI initiatives, helping them to build their capacity and capability as they go through the steps of an improvement project.”