The Club Drug Clinic is an innovative service for adult clubbers and LGBT people who have developed problems with a range of `club drugs’.

People may experience problems with a wide range of 'club drug' substances including:

  • Cocaine
  • Ketamine
  • Mephedrone
  • Methamphetamine
  • MDMA

Our highly specialist team includes specialist addiction doctors and psychologists, nurses, counsellors and peer mentors with 'lived experience'. The team is based in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and accepts referrals from anyone able to attend the clinic in person.

The clinic offers a wide range of help including:

  • Assessment of your problems and planning how to improve the situation
  • Medically assisted withdrawal from substances or detoxification. We are highly expert at a range of community and in-patient detoxes including drug plus alcohol detoxes and GHB/GBL detoxifications. We also prescribe to help the side-effects of coming off stimulants, mephedrone etc
  • Talking treatments, led by psychologists, counsellors and peer mentors who have and overcome their problems.
  • On-site sexual health screening and support
  • Liaison and referral for physical problems including bladder and kidney problems; HIV and blood-borne viruses; mental health problems etc.

We proudly work with people from all backgrounds. We have a young and vibrant team who are excellent at working with young adult clubbers.

In partnership with Antidote, we offer a bespoke service for those from LGBT communities, especially men who have sex with men. Together we are highly skilled at working with LGBT people where substance misuse problems may be linked to lifestyle and sexual behaviour. Our team has cultural competence in working with LGBT issues and can help with the psychological, sexual, physical, relationship, housing and work problems related to club drug use.

As a 'cutting edge' service we are using our expertise and working with Imperial College to build evidence-based treatment for club drug problems. We offer training to a range of professionals in club drug trends, identification of problems and treatment options.

How to access these services

For more information or to make a referral, please visit the Club Drug Clinic website