SCARF will influence and support all staff at all levels to provide the best quality patient care.

Together with our Trust values, our cultural framework - SCARF - will become part of our way of being at CNWL. When lived by all of us it will create a more positive, more inclusive and more collaborative culture.

Our cultural framework helps us all live the five elements of SCARF every day: Safe, Compassionate, Accountable, Reflective and Fair.

Our journey

We’re two years into our SCARF journey and together with our Trust values, our cultural behavioural framework is becoming part of our way of being at CNWL. It’s having an impact on the way we recruit and retain staff, have conversations about diversity and difference and how we think about safety and learning from incidents. But we want to bring our cultural framework to life in everything we do.

It's become part of our staff survey analysis and action plans too. In 2021 staff were asked to complete a Culture Assessment asking for feedback on the culture and climates in and around CNWL. A steering group was set-up with members from across CNWL and Task Forces across our 4 divisions with divisional plans and local priorities. 


The 5 SCARF elements

Safety is our number one priority in everything we do at CNWL. When things go wrong, we learn - to make CNWL safer for all.

Compassion is at our heart. We create a climate of openness, free from fear, blame and shame.

We are accountable for our own actions and for what we do in our teams. But we put our hands up, knowing we can do so in safety, to learn and to grow.

SCARF brings us together in a safe environment to talk and reflect. We ask “what has happened?” instead of “who is responsible?”  SCARF helps us have those difficult conversations.

We will not let bias pre-judge situations. We make sure everyone has the chance to have their voice listened to. We approach everything with openness and fairness. We achieve a balance of justice, learning and accountability. 


This year we will launch an interactive space to explore with downloadable resources. Keep an eye on this page to find out more.

We already have lots of videos on this page we will be adding some of our resources here too ahead of the launch of the zone.