We work in partnership with a wide-range of organisations to deliver health services of the highest quality.

If you are interested in working in partnership with CNWL or if you have any opportunities which you would like to discuss with us, please contact cnw-tr.partnerships.cnwl@nhs.net as we would love to hear from you.

Partnership is one of CNWL’s core values:

‘Partnership: We will work closely with our many partners to ensure that our combined efforts are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for the people we serve.’

CNWL is committed to establishing relationships with key stakeholders and potential partners to work collaboratively on new initiatives that will deliver community, sexual health and mental health services of the highest quality.

We work with a wide range of partners, including other NHS Trusts, third sector organisations and private companies as well as working in partnership with our CCG and Local Authority commissioners to deliver integrated care across our STP areas. If the opportunity and the partnership are right to deliver high quality services for patients, then CNWL would like to work with you.

Operational areas for potential partnership include:

In Camden, Hillingdon, central London and Milton Keynes, CNWL provides community health services. These are services which cover the full range of common physical healthcare problems for every age in every arena from hospitals, clinics, the community, GP surgeries, schools and prisons.

In North West London and Milton Keynes, CNWL provides mental health services. These are for all ages from perinatal care for mothers through to services for older adults with mental illness or dementia. We have a major programme to improve the physical health care of people with mental illness in our care.

These are spread across our footprint and cover mental health and other services:

  • Sexual health services in all our localities
  • Addictions and substance misuse – in many localities
  • Eating disorders – including community children’s services in all localities
  • CAMHS – including a pilot to improve access to beds/intensive community support
  • Dental services for people with special requirements
  • Learning disability services – inpatient and community services
  • Offender care – primary care, mental health and addiction services provided in prisons and young offenders’ facilities.

In addition to working with partners in our existing operational areas we are also very interested in speaking to potential partners for opportunities outside of our areas of current service delivery.


CNWL is open to partnering with international organisations who are interested in working with a representative Trust from the world-renowned NHS and are keen to bring that expertise and experience to local service provision. For further information, visit our International page.