The Language Shop is CNWL's provider for face-to-face and telephony interpreting and written translations. The Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) is CNWL's providers for non spoken face-to-face British Sign Language (BSL).

CNWL provides the following interpreting services:

  • Written translation of documents such as service information leaflets
  • Face-to-face interpreting
  • Telephony interpreting
  • British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting

If you are a patient and require any of these services, please speak to the service that is looking after you.

If you are attending a service or site at CNWL for a meeting, please contact your meeting host, should you require these services.

Note: If you need interpreting and/or translations for the Milton Keynes Health Visiting or School Nursing services, please visit the Milton Keynes Council website