2020 is the Year of the Nurse. SERV_NURS_1820_NursesBadge_30mm (2).jpg

At CNWL, we will be taking part in celebrating and renewing perceptions of the profession among our mental health, community, offender care and addiction services throughout the Trust.

We want to encourage new people to join the nursing profession and for the fantastic nurses working with us already, to stay. We’ll be showcasing careers in nursing over the coming months with stories from our own nurses, to celebrate what they do; the skills needed in the diverse environments the Trust offers and to help share good practice.

Chief Nurse, Maria O’Brien said: "Nursing is a fantastic profession which gives people a chance to make a real difference and I want to showcase the vast array and skill of our nurses across CNWL in support of this year’s Year of the Nurse.

“We will run stories focused on the specialities each month and video clips and have a number of volunteers who have come forward for this month!  Let’s remind ourselves why we all came into this amazing profession!”

Celebrating nursing in CNWL 2020

Each month indicates the area of nursing we will be concentrating on.

March 2020

CAMHS Nurses

Health Visitors/ School Nurses/ Paediatric Nurses

April 2020

Matrons across all CNWL settings

Nurses working in Leadership or corporate support areas (e.g. IPC, safeguarding, governance, education, DoNs etc)

May 2020

Learning Disability Nurses

Nurses working in Substance Misuse / Addictions 

June 2020

Nurses working in Offender Care

Nurses working in Older Adult Mental Health Services

July 2020

Inpatient Mental Health Nurses

Inpatient Intermediate Care Nurses

August 2020

Home Treatment / Crisis Team Nurses / Crisis Team Nurses / Rapid Response Nurses / Home First / Liaison Nurses across CNWL

September 2020

Health Care Assistants / Support Nurses across all CNWL settings

October 2020

Community Mental Health Nurses

District Nurses

November 2020

Nurses working in Sexual Health

Nurses working in Eating Disorder Services

December 2020

Nursing Associates

Nurses working in specialist services (e.g. diabetes, respiratory, homeless etc)