Posted on: 11 May 2021

Natalie Larcombe has worked within CNWL’s Perinatal Mental Health Service at Coombe Wood for 22 years. She shares her story ahead of International Nurses Day tomorrow.

As a Nursery Nurse, Natalie plays an important role with mothers and babies by promoting bonding, guidance and support with routines.

“I became a nursery nurse as I have always wanted to work with children,” she says.

“In 1999 I begun working within mental health and I realised that it was a fantastic place to work. Being able to give mothers and babies the emotional support they need for recovery and knowing they will be going home together after treatment.

“It is amazing to see that the conversations and reassurance I can give throughout their stay can have a massive impact on their lives for the better.”

We asked Natalie what makes being a CNWL nurse unique. She said:

“Over the years CNWL have offered a lot of training and this has made a huge difference. There has always been plenty of opportunities to do courses and in-house training on mental health, especially during this difficult time. It means I am able to offer the support to patients and know I am confident in doing this.

“I also received the GEM Award for Compassion five years ago, which was amazing.”