Posted on: 10 February 2022

CNWL launches a new strategy for the nursing workforce today.

The strategy has been developed in partnership with nurses working across the organisation and outlines what they said was important to them. It includes three core objectives:

  • Commitment to provide holistic care
  • Developing nurses to provide the best care
  • Pride in who we are

You can read the strategy online here (opens pdf).

CNWL provides a unique opportunity for nurses with a wide-range of nursing roles across the entire life cycle of birth through to end of life including in inpatient care, community care, specialist services (including addictions, sexual health, health and justice nurses), adults, children, mental health, learning disabilities or physical health.

Maria O’Brien, CNWL’s Chief Nurse, said: “Together, we have outlined a roadmap for the development of nursing practice over the next three years.

“Nursing has been at the forefront of providing compassionate and high-quality care at a time where the nation’s reliance upon us has never been greater.

“The courage, commitment and expertise of our nurses has been outstanding. We acknowledge your immense contribution to not only respond to the immediate needs of the pandemic but to continue to innovate and develop to provide expert nursing support to the patients and families that we care for.

“It is within this context that we have reviewed and refreshed our CNWL nursing strategy; recognising the progress that we have already made and now focusing on three main objectives for the three years ahead that will grow our nursing workforce, develop our nurses and empower our nurses to lead and deliver the highest standards of nursing care.”