Posted on: 16 June 2020

SERV_NURS_1820_NursesBadge_30mm (2).jpgToday CNWL is able to announce the winners of our Nursing Badge competition.

They are Sally Keise, Lead Nurse for District Nursing and Guided Care Matrons, Vickram Aubeeluck and Rutendo Katsidzira who between them designed a compass themed badge around the themes of ‘protection’ ‘guidance’ and ‘keeping people safe’.

Rutendo said: “My personal inspiration was the fact that 2020 has been ‘The Year of the Nurse’.

“When I qualified as a nurse years ago all graduates received a university nursing badge to wear throughout our nursing career. In contrast, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) decided to run a ballot for the NMC nurses badge. The CNWL initiative was therefore an opportunity to assist in recognising the profession as a whole, the CNWL nurses and how they utilise the trust values in this profession.”

Badges will start being hand-delivered from today to Nurses and Student Nurses across our sites by CNWL Chief Nurse Maria O’Brien, the Divisional Nursing Directors and the Assistant Directors of Nursing.

The competition was launched in December last year to help foster a sense of belonging as well as encouraging a sense of pride in being a nurse.

We asked nurses and student nurses to come up with a unique idea to represent CNWL and that it should reflect the Trust’s values of compassion, respect, empowerment and partnership.

The judges were particularly impressed with the trio’s submission.

This year also marks the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife in honour of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth.

The three are all Lead Nurses for District Nursing and Guided Care Matrons and based at Beaufort House.

Maria said: “We had some truly amazing entries which really captured the essence of nursing in CNWL, but sadly, we could only pick one and we would like to congratulate Sally, Rutendo and Vickram. Maria.jpg

“We loved their compass theme around ‘protection’ ‘guidance’ and ‘keeping people safe’.  It fits in well with nursing and our Trust values and I believe it represents a lasting legacy that all nurses in the Trust will recognise.

“Nurses across CNWL make such a difference to everyone in our communities and we want all nurses to be proud of what they do and we’re so proud to support all nurses in providing the best and safest care possible.”

The badges will be celebrated at next year’s CNWL Nursing Conference on April 19, 2021.