Posted on: 12 May 2021

Lisa Basi, Head of Integrated Primary Care (IPC) in Camden, has worked in the NHS for 36 years, qualifying as a nurse in 1988. She currently leads the Community Teams in District Nursing, Community Therapy, Rapid Response as well as Twilight and Overnight Nursing. Lisa reflects on her journey in honour of International Nurses Day.

“It’s so tough; but exciting, motivating and challenging,” Lisa says. “Nursing allows you to grow and develop in ways you may not believe possible. Always a great crowd to work with too!”


Her introduction to nursing was “very real”, starting her career in the acute medical wards and medical admissions unit. Although Lisa has spent the last 10 years in London, she has worked across various regions; Leicestershire & Rutland, East Midlands, Nottingham and Yorkshire & Humber.

“I have so many amazing memories of my time as a nurse,” she says. “I remember patients, nurse colleagues, friends, students and family.”

“As a nurse I have experienced a range of Lead and Board roles in NHS Trusts, Commissioning, Practice Development & Education, Health & Social Care; as well as a significant career in specialist substance misuse, prisons and offender care.”  

Lisa is also a mentor, counsellor and psychotherapist, moving across to community posts in the 1990’s.

“This was a poignant experience to focus my career in community. I moved from acute to community to support people in their own homes… I have a passion to support people as far as possible to ensure they are involved in decisions about their care.”

The pandemic is unknown territory, but it has allowed Lisa to gain stronger working relationships with healthcare partners and greater insights into the community of Camden.

“The Covid pandemic has been devastating for people around the world, and for me personally as well as many colleagues and friends.

“As a nurse it has been a fantastic time to use my experience and skills to train in new ways and work instinctively, making decisions and seeing local outcomes. Through adversity the nurses have shown massive resilience and ingenuity to even develop new things.

“It has been good to use my competency as part of the IPC community nursing in Camden and develop fantastic partnerships with the wider multidisciplinary teams.”

Picture shows Lisa Basi (right) and best friend Catherine Moore (left) during Nursing Graduation in 1988.