To all staff from Claire Murdoch - Diversity

1 July 2016

Having listened to so many views and opinions post the Brexit vote, I felt I needed to write to you all, on behalf of our Board.

There will be much challenge politically and economically, for a while and factors greater than us will come into play. No doubt, the country's leaders will be doing all they can to regain stability and formulate a plan. I do not want to comment on either of these issues.

I want to talk about the issue of diversity, in all of its glorious forms. Diversity which makes the NHS the internationally respected institution that it is today. Our success is builtĀ  on the commitment and talent of our workforce. Since the inception of the NHS , our workforce has been made up of people who have come from across the globe, as well as those born in this country (many of whom are second and third generation). Today, even as I write this message, hundreds and hundreds of our staff at CNWL will have come to us from other countries in Europe and beyond and are contributing to the care of our patients, right now. We celebrate and actively seek you out and are proud to call you our colleagues. We could not do our job, which is delivering great patient care, without you. Of course, this is true of our whole workforce. You do amazing things every day. Thank you.

I have heard that some staff are feeling somewhat bruised by what they perceive this vote says about how we embrace colleagues from other countries, or those born here of different ethnic backgrounds. We embrace and thank them. Some have said that for the first time in a long time that they are feeling sensitive, wounded and uncertain of their belonging in this country. This is tragic. Our CNWL Board commitment to all of our staff is unshakeable. We applaud you and ask you all to encourage your equally talented friends, family members and all who you know to come and work for CNWL. Categorically, you are welcome, needed, appreciated and celebrated.

I want to ask you to take care of each other and be aware that this is a sensitive time, which is touching people in a very human way, not just at a political level. If any good is to come from this situation, it is that it gives us an opportunity to restate our commitment to all of our colleagues and the work that you do and to demonstrate this at every opportunity.

[caption id="attachment_10697" align="alignleft" width="300"]Staff from the CNWL LGBT Staff Network at the London Pride Parade 2016 Staff from the CNWL LGBT Staff Network at the London Pride Parade 2016[/caption]

I cannot resist sending out this message without also including this fabulous picture of staff colleagues flying the CNWL flag at Saturday's Pride March. My thanks go to Peter Smith and Jess Ali (Co-chairs of the LGBT Network) and our LGBT staff network for making this happen. The defiance, fun and love represented here made me smile and made me proud! The same defiance, love and fun that I hope we can bring to our work at CNWL during this challenging and uncertain time.

Once again, thank you to you all and please take extra time to appreciate each other's important contributions to one of the best health care systems in the world...possibly, THE best! CNWL is nothing without you and everything with you.

Claire Murdoch
Chief Executive