If you are a professional and believe that someone you are working with would benefit from a referral to our service, please download and fill out the referral form.

ICD 11 criteria:

  • Impaired control over gaming
  • Increasing priority given to gaming over other interests
  • Continuation or escalation despite negative consequences
  • Pattern may be continuous, episodic or recurrent
  • Impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning 
  • Normally evident over period of 12 months, although may be shortened if all diagnostic criteria being met and symptoms are severe

Please be aware we are only commissioned to work with clients to address their gaming disorder and mental health difficulties secondary to disordered gaming.

We do not offer crisis interventions. We work jointly with mental health teams, aiming to provide a comprehensive package of care in collaboration with other professionals.

Professional workshop on Gaming Disorder

We run workshops for professionals working with those who have suspected gaming disorder. These give information on the factors that lead to loss of control over gaming, explore cognitive behavioural models of treatment and give insights into some of the learning from our treatment programme to date.

The professionals workshop is held online and there is no cost implication. Please email to register your interest.

Please contact the service on 020 7381 7722 to arrange a call back with a clinician if you would like to discuss a patient or client situation in more detail.