Our focus is on gaining more control over your gaming so it does not take over other areas of your life and feels more balanced. 

Preparation for Change Group or Individual Therapy

Phase 1: An introductory group where you can learn about why gaming can become addictive and work on motivation and goal-setting. It also explores the role that gaming plays in your life.

Phase 2: Group or individual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This involves eight sessions of CBT-based psychological interventions. We focus on your personal life goals and values and explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to gaming disorder. We will work on skills in challenging unhelpful thinking styles, managing difficult emotions and making changes to your behaviour. 

Parent Workshop

Four psychoeducational workshops to help understand:

  • how disordered gaming can develop
  • give insight into the treatment we provide for those that game
  • how you can positively influence changes within your family
  • explore healthy and collaborative communication within the family.

These groups offer a chance to learn from others who may share some of your experiences, providing an opportunity for safe disclosure, discussion and learning. 

Family Therapy

At the clinic, we recognise that gaming disorder also impacts people beyond the individual gamer.

We work in collaboration with parents and guardians, incorporating knowledge and resilience that already exists within the family to support desired changes. 

Parent Support Group

For those parents who have completed the Parent Workshop, we offer an on-going monthly parent support group (currently online). This is a space where parents are invited to share their knowledge, gain insight from other parents and find support in shared experience.