23 June 2022

Pic 1.pngThe CNWL Prison Perinatal Mental Health team were delighted to present at the Royal College of Psychiatry’s International Congress on 21 June 2022. This was a fantastic opportunity to share the amazing work that the service is doing with women in the perinatal period, within prison.

Dr Christy Pitfield (Principal Clinical Psychologist and Clinical lead for Perinatal Mental Health Service), Dr Caroline Pontvert (Perinatal Psychiatrist) and Emma Holmes (Lead OT for Health and Justice Services) gave an overview of the service and intervention that is provided. Pic 2.png

The presentation was done in collaboration with Dr. Gwen Ashstead, Dr. Chrishanthy Jayarajah and Dr. Hannah-Kate Williams who provided a fascinating overview of this population.

We were delighted to see CNWL represented at such a prestigious international forum.