Posted on: 14 February 2023

Natasha May Powell, an Advance Occupational Therapist Practitioner and Charan Chana, a Senior Occupational Therapist at CNWL spent a day with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and Toyota to provide OT Life Hacks to help people with mobility issues get into and out of a car.

Driving is a great way to be independent, but for people with mobility issues there can be times when it is a challenge to get into, or out of, a car.

Natasha and Charan gave tips to John Healy who uses a walking stick, a walker or a mobility scooter and demonstrated ways of helping him to get into and out of two different size cars. Their tips included parking, transporting equipment and preparing for long journeys.

After the demonstration, Natasha May said: “These simple and effective ways to access a car can completely change the life of you, or someone you are helping who has mobility issues. It increases independence and brings a new purpose and meaning into their life, which they may have lost due to concerns and anxieties about leaving the house.”

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