4 August 2022

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Michele Gardner as our new Clinical Lead for the Community Independence Service (CIS).

Michele is bringing over 25 years of nursing experience with her, and joined CIS three years ago; currently our Borough lead in Kensington and Chelsea.

This is an innovative appointment with the post traditionally being advertised as a medical position, but for this round of recruitment it was open across professions, with the rigorous interview assessment based on clinical skills and experience.

Michele says: “I have been a nurse in tertiary based environments for many years and have worked in a variety of roles including Matron within emergency services admissions, clinical decisions and assessment. I am excited to be based in the community and to work and live in the Borough. I am Australian but have been in the UK for many years; I love travel and experiencing new cultures.”

Michele will focus on developing our pathways of care, governance and progressing the quality of our clinical care, including our strategic relationships and engaging in wider system developments.

More information can be found on the service page