Posted on: 28 November 2023

CNWL’s HIV and Sexual Health Psychology service in South Kensington and Chelsea provides support for people experiencing difficulties with their sexual health and wellbeing who are seen in Sexual Health Services provided by Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust.

HIV and sexual health psychology service illustration.PNG

They collaborate with our sexual health colleagues, clients, and related services to provide an inclusive, psychologically informed service.

The service aims to help with:

  • If you are experiencing difficulties adjusting to a sexual health diagnosis (e.g. HIV, HSV, HPV or other STI).
  • Understanding and managing your feelings from the difficulties related to your sexual health
  • With issues related to starting or taking medication
  • Concern and anxiety about your sexual health
  • Practicing safer sex

Visit the HIV and Sexual Health Psychology Service website to find out how to access this service, what to expect and resources.