Posted on: 20 September 2023

ICON Week for 2023 is coming up, and CNWL’s Health Visiting Team in Harrow is getting involved.

ICON is being launched in Harrow, and it is a programme adopted by health organisations in the UK to provide information about infant crying, including how to cope, support parents and carers and reduce stress.

ICON stands for:

  • Infant crying is normal (I)
  • Comforting methods can help (C) 
  • It’s OK to walk away (O)
  • Never, ever shake a baby (N)

Many free webinars are taking place throughout the week and are open to everyone. They’ll focus on best practice and sharing ideas.

The Harrow Health Visiting team are speaking on Monday 25 September on the topic of ‘Raising awareness of ICON and abusive head trauma within the multi-agency’.

They’ll also be involved in delivering ‘MESCH and ICON in Harrow Health Visiting’ on Thursday 28 September.

Click here for the links to all webinars