Posted on: 21 February 2024

Mental Health Nurses' Day it’s a day to reflect on and celebrate the valuable work that they do, and the difference they make to people’s lives across communities.

Today is the sixth in what has become an annual day to encourage interest in the specialty and the diversity of roles we have available here at CNWL.

Watch our video which features four mental health nurses across different services, talk about why they enjoy their challenging roles.

Jennifer, Deputy Manager at the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Memory Service.

“The exciting part is getting to know these people, the different lives they have lived, different ethnicities, different stages of life.”

Arsene, Ward Manager for Eastlake Ward at Hillingdon Hospital.

“It’s an interesting job, I would encourage my male counterparts to get into nursing because its dynamic, it’s changing, it’s no longer the old stereotype of nursing, it’s a new model.”

Claudette, Senior Practitioner with the Milton Keynes Crisis Team.

“I think it’s fulfilling, I love what I do, it’s never about the money, it’s the calling.”

Hazel, Clinical Lead Mental Health Liaison Team.

“What’s unique about my job, is having the ability to sit down and have a conversation and be able to de-escalate, just patient’s knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s absolutely rewarding, just having the ability and opportunity to help other individuals”.

Thinking of getting started in a mental health nursing role? Check out our work with us page for fulfilling jobs in mental health.