Posted on: 1 December 2023

Over 180 people joined us for our latest Year of the Child webinar, which delved into the world of brain development and how it relates to neurodiversity.

Dr Rahul Bharat, Consultant Paediatrician in Hillingdon, covered topics on the importance of early brain development, and understanding the distinction between developmental trauma and neurodiversity.

“It’s a subject very close to my heart,” said Dr Bharat.

Dr Bharat also explained ways of supporting neurodiverse children and young people, offering strategies that can be used at home or in school.

“In neurodiversity you need to know that the environment around the child is the most important thing. If they feel forced they will restrict themselves such as eating less, restricting going to new places or making friends, restricting sleep or expressing high levels of anxiety. It can be visible and non-visible too”.

We will be sharing the recording with staff shortly.