Posted on: 28 March 2024

If you are experiencing something that makes you feel unsafe, distressed, or worried about your mental health,  you can  contact your local crisis service from 2 April 2024 by calling NHS 111 and selecting the mental health option.

This is an additional way to contact crisis services, and will not be replacing the Trust’s Mental Health Crisis Line which you can still call directly on 0800 0234 650.

What happens when I call?

The phone will be answered by a trained mental health professional who will be able to listen to your concerns and help you get the support you need. With your permission, they can also access your electronic patient records to better meet your needs and to avoid you repeatedly having to tell us your situation. They can offer advice over the phone, put you in contact with our crisis services or refer you to local services.

Who can call?

You can call for yourself, or someone else. NHS 111 is for all ages, including children and young people and those with neurodevelopmental needs.

If you’re deaf or have hearing loss, please use the following link to be connected to local crisis service – NHS 111 – SignVideo.

If you aren't able to make the call yourself, then anyone can call on your behalf - for example a friend, carer, loved one or even your GP.

The service is available to anyone in England and facing a mental health crisis.

By calling NHS 111, and selecting the mental health option, we can help to get you the urgent support you need for your mental health.

Remember if you are already known to CNWL services you can still call us on our crisis line in the way you do now on 0800 0234 650. If you haven’t contacted CNWL before you may prefer to contact 111 but you can also call us directly too.

In emergency situations where there is an immediate risk to life, you should continue to contact 999 or go to A&E.