Posted on: 10 September 2023

As we reach the dusk of summer 2023, it can mean only one thing… Carnival!!!

Every year the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival takes place and a party atmosphere takes over just around the corner from One Community!

Party One COmmunity.jpg

One Community never misses a chance for a celebration and threw a great party where everyone brought themselves and created a celebration where the care for each other was palpable.

art one community.jpg

On the day, there was makeovers being given, a studio to lay down music tracks and poems, art, knitting, food, games and most importantly the time to make connections with each other.

one community- colour art.jpg

Cate Latto One Community Founder said:

“One Community does Carnival as it does everything - uniquely and authentically, it’s a feeling, unlike anything else, each moment is different, exciting fresh and new. It took my breath away with people coming from all over London, one big happy family who care and hold each other close no matter where we are. It’s a truly powerful experience, does it get any better... yes, it does with One Community!

one community party.jpg

Tash, Beautiful People founder, said “It was so lovely to see everyone! Thanks you guys you throw the best parties!” At the party Tash and her team were giving glittering makeovers.


Patients who attend gave their feedback, and well, the feedback speaks for itself:

Damon: “The Carnival party was a beautiful concept for me who has just come out of a hospital admission, but as an official member of One Community it was like coming home and being embraced by family and meeting new members. The use of the studio was an excellent therapeutic and artistic outlet, professionally done and the men running the studio made me feel incredibly comfortable and I’ll enjoy working with them again. The food was great, especially pizza and cake. All the facilitating members of the One Community team were excellent as per usual.”


Jacques: “It is intrinsic to the complete healing of not only the local community, but if successful, l to the future of mental health patients across the board.”

Ninnah: “One community is a beautiful initiative that brings people together, it’s truly energising to be around such lovely warm vibes. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Feels like I have two families. I love it here! Looking forward to next week! I got my hair and makeup done by Muna and I love it. So happy I came!”

one ocmmunity - ninnah -cate.jpg

Mastura: “One community is a lovely place to be. Everyone is friendly, helpful and caring. I have enjoyed myself so much doing the collage. Cutting out words that mean a lot to me. I really come out of myself and feeling good. I have met a lot of people today and everyone have been lovely to talk to. Thank you Cate and everyone for making me feel great and alive. I came with my daughter and I too have had a lovely time. Thank you!”

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