Posted on: 20 April 2023

This is a report (opens pdf) on the first two workshops looking at pre-consultation options (explained below). You can find the slides from the workshops here (opens pdf)

Following temporary closure of mental health wards at the Gordon Hospital in 2020, plans for consultation on the future of acute mental health care for residents of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, and Brent have been considered by the North West London Integrated Care Board, which is the consulting body.

In developing plans, NHS commissioners are required to consider a full range of service change options that can improve outcomes and identify those which are viable and sustainable. 

These will be developed into options for formal consultation, which is expected to happen later this summer.  The list of options must always include a “no change” configuration, so that it can be compared properly with whatever changes are proposed.

The development of these options is informed by detailed analysis which incorporates clinical evidence, views of service users and staff gathered during pre-consultation engagement, insights from other stakeholders, patients flows, financial and workforce considerations. 

The options will all be set out in a comprehensive Pre-Consultation Business Case document, with detailed assessment of each against the agreed criteria and objectives which will be agreed in advance of the appraisal, taking account of input from stakeholders.