23 June 2022

As part of Learning Disability Week, Rubi Eronini-Ukah, Service Manager at our Learning Disability Community Health Service in Brent, organised a ‘Being Healthy’ event. 

It was attended by over 20 service users and their carers at the Kingswood Centre, who joined a variety of staff, in discussion about lifestyle choices and changes, to improve their health and wellbeing.

Rubi says: “We couldn’t do much last year due to the pandemic, and I thought it was vital that we connect back with families and others especially through the challenges of the past year. We want to encourage the healthy eating lifestyle for people with learning disabilities in the Brent community.”

Commencing with stretching and meditation, followed by a healthy eating session, the event offered advice on healthy meals, portion sizes and alternative snacking options. Afterwards, a further exercise session took place in the garden, which included various physical tasks such as walking, running, balancing, throwing, and catching.

Staff from the Brent Community Learning Disability Team also joined in with the activities and were on-hand throughout the afternoon to support, give advice and offer encouragement. Service users were provided with an information pack to assist them with continuing to make healthier food choices going forward.

A carer who attended on the day said: 

“You guys did a good job and we will love to come back again.”

More information about Learning Disability Week can be found here