Posted on: 21 March 2023

Gina Casserly.pngGina Casserly , pictured, is the Community Development Manager for Westminster Talking Therapies.

On 20 March she spoke at CNWL’s Community Involvement Programme Board, where all co-production and engagement activities, especially around reducing heath inequalities, are discussed to show how the community makes a difference to the services we provide.

Gina’s report, below, shows the area of intervention and the partner we work with to deliver. The other columns detail the activity.

It’s very interesting to read, showing the great efforts made to reach people and but also to read the feedback.

We will carry more material about the Community Involvement Programme Board for your information but also as you may like to be involved.

Progress Future Challenges
Learning Disabilities with LDN London    
  • Delivered four psycho-ed workshops Oct 22 – Jan 23 at LDN Community Hub on Harrow Road
  • Relationship building with LDN service users
  • Understanding needs and using each workshop experience to create tailored interventions
  • Topics covered: introduction, mindfulness, understanding emotions, improving sleep
  • Feedback:

At each session they [workshop facilitators] took time to let everyone speak and explained things in a way the group could understand. Everyone benefited greatly from the sessions and want to continue with more.

They put everyone at ease and created an environment that people felt safe and understood. We look forward to more sessions.

  • Deliver series of psycho-ed workshops on anger – workshops to be run at a slower pace and include homework/materials for Service Users to access to aid with retention
Measure impact of intervention using adapted measures (PHQ-9 and GAD-7) (Breen & Theodore, 2017)
  • Adapting materials so they are accessible to specific needs of SUs – making use of easy read materials available online, understanding needs of Service Users
  • Retention of topics covered – providing materials/homework that SUs can access in between sessions
Measuring impact – haven’t been successful in collecting measures thus far, trialling adapted measures
Arabic Women with Family Lives (North Westminster)    
  • Have delivered three psycho-ed workshops – Building Confidence and Stress & Worry (x2) at Portman Centre
  • Great engagement for BC workshop but not for S&W
Meeting with contact from FL to discuss possible barriers to engagement – time/day? Content? MH stigma?
  • S&W topic seen as a priority for this group
  • Run series of three workshops on different day (Thursday morning, not Friday morning)
  • Content to be shared at slower pace and to be made with contact from FL to ensure relevance to community
Include translated measures at workshops to increase completion rate of registration form and to measure impact of workshops
Generating interest among the community – advertising workshops in a way that reduces stigma, attending drop-in clinic in Portman Centre to promote workshops and Talking Therapies
Community with Champions at The Abbey Centre    
  • Planned initial meeting with Women’s Wellbeing Group to discuss wellbeing needs of group, introduce TT, discuss topics that we can cover
  • Use feedback from initial meeting to plan series of workshops that meets needs of group
  • Stall booked at Abbey Centre Spring Fair and South West Fest Festival Day
  • Roll-up banner and promotional materials (pens with logos) designed and ordered to attract attention
  • Use of smart phone/tablet to refer people on the spot (roller banner also has QR code to self-referral form)
  • Use learning from Abbey Centre Spring Fair and bring to SWF which will be a bigger event in terms of footfall
  • Weather dependent
  • Engaging passers-by
  • Creating wellbeing activities for passers-by to complete at stall
Cost of promotional materials
Older Adults with Penfold Community Hub (North Westminster)    
  • Given first in series of workshops – Improving Sleep. Health talks held weekly at Penfold, with Westminster Talking Therapies to be included every 6 weeks
  • Attended Wednesday Social Lunch to make introductions, promote workshops, get idea of needs of community
  • Attending Older People’s Voice meeting 31/03 to introduce Westminster Talking Therapies, promote workshops, get feedback and use discussions to plan workshops based on needs of community
  • Workshop promotion – Penfold have recently changed providers, no access as of yet to mailing list to promote. Promotion for workshops achieved through other means – attending social lunch, meetings, etc.
  • The Monday Club at The Abbey Centre (South Westminster): Regular workshops planned – second workshop to take place this month
  • Workshops have been delayed/rearranged – trying to continue with relationship without losing momentum
  • Some SUs have impairments with reading/writing/memory – creating workshops that are accessible, ensuring facilitators are aware, not pressuring SUs to complete forms
  • Young People (16-18) with Grey Coat Hospital School
  • Liaised with SENCO to plan a series of workshops – introduction to CBT for Year 13 during assembly, then three small group sessions with self-selected individuals from Year 12 and 13 (two sessions on S&W and one on Building Confidence)
  • Final workshop to be delivered in May
  • Continue with workshops next academic year
  • Use relationship to begin arranging workshops for teaching staff and parents
  • Not all school students Westminster residents – many come from out of Borough
  • Queen’s College London: Two workshops booked for PSHE lessons
  • Build relationship to hopefully deliver more meaningful sessions to students – smaller groups, longer sessions, targeted intervention
  • Had to rearrange first workshop due to strikes
Ethnic Minorities    
  • Flyers in process of being translated in local languages – Farsi, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Mandarin
  • Visit local community organisations with flyers to make introductions, start building relationships
    • Chinese Community Centre; Chinese Information and Advice Centre; Chinese Church in London
    • Marylebone Bangladesh Society
    • London Central Mosque
  • Translated promotional materials are being used to overcome low engagement rate from BAME community centres
  • Cost of translating and printing materials