Date and time

6 Mar 2024


We’re setting up a forum just for young people – and we need your help. It’s going to be called the CAMHS Young Persons Board, a place where you can share your ideas directly with our Service Director, Tina Swain. 

We want to…

  • Hear about your experiences of CAMHS and what’s going on in your local area
  • Get your advice on new developments
  • Find new and better ways to help other young people

By joining you’ll gain great experience, build confidence and learn new skills that can improve your applications for a job, college or apprenticeship. You’ll also get a £12 Amazon voucher for your time.

It’s a simple application process (just one question) and you can submit your answer by email. 

To find out more or apply, click the links below or contact your local Participation Lead.

We hope you can get involved to help make our services awesome.

Find out more and apply: