CNWL provides a range of physical and mental health care services in London, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and in prisons across the South East of England.

Dr Sukh Bahia is the Director of Medical and Dental Education responsible for these training posts.

The Trust is educationally contracted to deliver 165 postgraduate medical training posts across 13 training programmes and three Local Education Training Boards in North West London and Milton Keynes.


We are a Local Education Provider for Genito-urinary Medicine, Palliative Medicine, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Paediatrics and Care of the Elderly specialties across North and Central London.

We have three GPVTS posts and three core medical training posts in GUM. Trainees are either based at Archway Centre, Mortimer Market Centre and/or T8 ward at University College London Hospital (UCLH).

Read more information about the GPVTS GUM/HIV post - Archway Centre (opens pdf)

Read more information about the GPVTS GUM/HIV post - Mortimer Market Centre/UCLH (opens pdf)

Read more information about the core medical training GUM/HIV post (opens pdf)

We have 11 higher training posts in GUM, rotating between Mortimer Market Centre, Archway Centre, North Middlesex University Hospital and UCLH. 

Read more information about the GU/HIV Higher Trainee Rotation (opens pdf)

We have three higher training posts in palliative medicine working across a number of different sites in the North Central London sector.

Read more information about the palliative care higher training post (opens pdf)

We have five posts in care of the elderly - one GPVTS, one core medical training and three higher training posts - working across UCLH and St Pancras Hospital.

We have 17 training posts in Milton Keynes across a range of specialties including psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, dental and community paediatrics.

Health Education Thames Valley is our Lead Provider for these specialties.

CNWL is a Local Education Provider for eight London boroughs with approximately 120 posts in mental health specialties. We offer core, GP, foundation, child and adolescent psychiatry, older adult psychiatry, general adult psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychiatry of intellectual disabilities and psychotherapy training.

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