The CNWL Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Course (MRCPsych) is the only Regional Teaching Programme for the Core Psychiatry Programme in North West London.

The programme offers an innovative blend of learning methodologies with lectures, seminars, communication skills and professional skills modules over a day of dedicated teaching; once per fortnight. Modular teaching is mapped to the curriculum and aligned to the exam but it is not limited to the syllabus, as the overarching aim is to enable you to become well-rounded psychiatrists. It is delivered in two annualized streams: Course Paper A – CT1 on Tuesdays and Course Paper B – CT2/3 on Thursdays and hosted at a convenient Central London location.

Full administrative support is provided to make sure the course is well supported in terms of facilities and equipment. An appointed Course Director has overall responsibility for delivery, quality and development issues. Governance is provided through a quarterly Steering Group, including learner representation. Quality is assured through regular learner feedback – both formal and informal – which is reviewed by the Course Director and fed into discussions at the Steering Group.

The course also offers CT3 trainees and higher trainees post membership the opportunity to join the Faculty of the course and participate in delivering Communications Skills, Professional Skills and Lecture modules.

Judged by attendance and exam results, the course is both popular and successful, with year on year improvements in both domains.

Course contents

Communication skills and Professional skills are a key component to CASC success and the continual focus on these essential skills throughout the course aims to provide trainees with the skills and experience required to succeed in completing the CASC examination.

Lecture topics are mapped to the MRCPsych syllabus; a wide variety of individuals lecture on the course, from higher trainees to professors and psychologists.

For all information on the MRCPsych programme please contact the Post Graduate Medical Education Administrator Mrs Bunmi