The Camden Adult Bladder and Bowel Service proves assessment, advice and management service to patients with complex bladder and bowel conditions in order to make sure that the most appropriate treatment and products are prescribed.

Adults and older adults (18 years and over) who are registered with a GP in Camden.

Bladder symptoms

  • Needing to use the toilet frequently and urgently.
  • Can experience bladder incontinence before reaching the toilet.
  • Male and female leakage when exercising, sneezing, coughing- known as stress incontinence.

Bowel symptoms

  • Constipation – difficulty opening bowels, passing hard stools.
  • Bowel urgency – having to rush to go to the toilet.
  • Faecal incontinence – unable to control bowels.


The consultation will last 45 – 60 minutes. Your clinician will take a detailed history of your symptoms and your bladder and bowel habits.

An internal examination (vaginal or rectal) may be necessary to according to your symptoms. A bladder scan and urine specimen may be required as part of the assessment.

Together you will discuss a management plan which may include containment products to help improve and manage your symptoms.

We work in close contact with GPs, district nurses, carers and care homes, and can advise your GP on medication and further investigations.

Patients can be referred by their GP, district nurse, social services and other healthcare professionals. Patients can also self-refer to the bladder and bowel service by calling 020 3317 3400.

The service operates from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Hunter Street Health Centre

Bus Train Tube
30, 205, 18 Chiltern Railways, Overground Northern Line


Belsize Priority Health Centre


Bus Train Tube
139, 189, 31, 32 Chiltern Railways, Overground, Thameslink Northern, Bakerloo, Jubilee and Metropolitan lines



You can find more information about different bladder and bowel conditions on this web page


There are a range of applications for your phone, tablet or computer to help you with your pelvic floor exercises. The squeezy app was developed by the NHS and can be downloaded here:


If you need help in a crisis, please do the following

  • Contact the CNWL service looking after you during their office hours
  • If the crisis is during when your service is closed, there are alternative options provided by the NHS found on this page.
  • If you are not already being looked after by CNWL or elsewhere within the NHS, see your GP during normal working hours as they can then refer you to a local service.

Find your closest GP on NHS Choices.