Children who live with parents experiencing mental health difficulties can be vulnerable to abuse and neglect.

The Parental Mental Health Service is a service for families across north Kensington where one or both parents are experiencing mental health difficulties. It is run by specialists from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and the NSPCC.

The Parental Mental Health service works with children up to the age of 18 and their parents to:

  • Assess the risk of harm and to help improve parenting skills
  • Support children and young people in understanding their parents mental health difficulties.

The service acts as a bridge between different specialist services to make sure children are at the heart of their parent’s mental health difficulties and the impact on the family is taken into account. It supports professionals by making sure they think about children’s needs and experiences.

The service works closely with local health professionals to build up a picture of what home life is like by meeting with children and parents both separately and together. We also talk to family members, teachers or other professionals, including:

  • Community mental health teams who monitor and assess adults diagnosed with mental health difficulties
  • Children’s services who ensure that children are safe and not at risk
  • CAMHS, which offers psychiatric and therapy services to young people and their families.

The team will have as many meetings as families need and help parents explain their illness to their child. By discussing it together, the team find a way to approach it that is best for the family.

Most parents with mental health problems are able to meet their children’s needs. The team support parents to manage their illness and to cope with any concerns they or their family might have.

Parents can ask their GP, mental health worker or any other professional looking after them to make a referral. They can even refer themselves.

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7, 23, 52, 70, 295, 316, 452 (nearest to furthest); Ladbroke Grove (Circle line and Hammersmith & City line), Kensal Green (Overground) limited on-street parking is available


The service is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (closed on public holidays)