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Access support from a safe, online mental health community

Want to talk with a trained counsellor or create a space for you to build your own mental health and wellbeing toolkit? Or maybe you want to connect with young people or adults?

These services are provided by Kooth and supported by the NHS for anyone who resides in North West London.

You can access free, safe and anonymous support through two online mental health communities - Kooth, and Qwell provided by qualified practitioners. 

What is Kooth and Qwell?

  • Kooth.com is for children and young adults aged 11-25. ​​​ 
  • Qwell.io is for all adults aged 18 years and over. 

Young adults aged 18 to 25 can choose either service for support. Visit the north west London page to find out more.

No waiting lists. No problem too big or too small. Speak with a counsellor today. 

Both services provide:  

  • Professional support: immediate access to emotional wellbeing and counselling support from qualified practitioners. This is delivered as a live text chat through the platform.  
  • Therapeutic content and activities: Every week, over 100 ‘lived experience’ articles are submitted in addition to clinical therapeutic content and activities across a range of over 70 subject areas. 
  • Peer-support Community: Users can get help from others in the community, providing a positive peer support space. 
  • Self guided therapy: Users can use their own private space to journal and both on their own and together with their practitioner, they can set and achieve goals. 

Create a free account, talk to a qualified professional online, connect with other people, or discover self-help tips and tricks.