Welcome to our Growing gallery

We invited anyone from a healthcare setting to send in images, videos, photos, musical compositions, poems or other creative responses, accompanied by a brief description of the piece and why you are submitting it on the theme of Growing. July 2020

Item Description


I have been working from home since the beginning of the lockdown. Getting creative and producing mandalas has been a great way for me to pass the time whilst unable to see friends and family, getting absorbed in the creative process is like a meditation. I feel that both making mandalas and even just looking at them, can somehow invokes a sense  of calm and positivity. A mandala grows quite uniformly and mindfully...
I always name my mandala pieces and have called this one ‘Arcobaleno’ (Italian for rainbow)'

''Acrobaleno', drawing by Mary Faulkner

Passacalia (secret garden) video

This is another collaboration,  with the painting of a garden by Shireen Rahim and piano cover of 'Passacaglia by Secret Garden' played by Sum Yee Chan


'The garden theme represents this personal growth as well as growth in nature.  Musically, the Passacaglia is a form with a series of variations over an ostinato.   Each variation shows musical growth, whether it is in the dynamics, harmonies or melody.  The last one ends with a suspended chord, followed by resolution of tension.'

Hold yourself and release from fear (sound cloud)

A meditation sound piece as composed by Kirst Ferguson - Lewis- submitted with artist's consent by Tina Meegan


Grassroots by Cady Stone

My painting Grassroots was not painted during the Covid19 pandemic but does represent the self-isolation that I have experienced in the past. This is an art work that best describes my loneliness whilst living with my mum who is my carer. Painting is important to me as it passes the time and allows me to come up with ideas that I would not normally think of.  Canvases have grown with me too, since I started collecting and so many are stored away in my bedroom.  I am submitting this painting because it best describes my current situation of having late nights with my mum and listening to vinyl records, and simply just passing the time


Birds in Harmony, a paint by number by Pru Patel

It was a ‘paint by numbers’ kit on canvas. It looked daunting and very intricate but I had to start to ensure I could portray strength to take on a task that was completely out of my depth! Once I got through the initial worry about ever completing it, I was fine and must say that I have enjoyed many, many therapeutic hours, lost in my own world, painting away.  Not perfect but hey it took me to a good place that we all need to go to occasionally!