Welcome to our Reconnecting Gallery

This first theme was about reflecting something of the purpose of this initiative, to create opportunities for our CNWL staff community to connect, or re-connect through the arts. June 2020.

Item Description
Zoom.jpg Zoom, by Andy Lale, CNWL's Arts Psychotherapist
Rainbowroots.jpg Rainbow roots. Artist: Murugeson Pillai (with pemission) submitted by Bob Morgen and Tina Meegan).
Reconnecting_Full.JPG Three mini assemblages using items which serve to connect or hold together, by Diane Eagles.
Heart and Brain Poem by Mamta Pabari
Lockdown Tango Music Composition by Max Ryz
Afloat 9.jpg

'Afloat' by Alison Lim: 'These sketches helped me remember the importance of coming together to stay afloat when the sea gets deep and stormy.'


'Quarantine Islands' Digital drawing by Nikoletta Koucharska

A piece I created during lockdown, thinking of new ways of being 'together'.

I'll stand by you (video) 'I'll stand by you' a collaboration by two colleagues: Sum Yee Chan playing the piano, artwork by Shireen Rahim
Did you notice_PLAZAROU.JPG 'Did you notice?' by Panayiota Lazarou and accopmanying poem.