Every aspect of work with children is planned and implemented in consultation with families.

Parents or those who hold parental responsibility must agree before admissions go ahead and must agree to assessments and any treatment we offer your child.

Referrals are made to the centre by Child Mental Health Professionals in the community after they have discussed and agreed the referral with parents. We will then come and meet parents and professionals working with your child at your local CAMHS service. If we all decide an admission might be helpful we will invite you to visit the unit with your child to look around and meet with us. We will set goals for the admission and if we all still agree an admission will be useful will invite you to decide whether you wish to go ahead.

Children stay on the unit overnight Monday to Friday and then return home at weekends. We work with children and parents to help them manage weekends at home successfully. Occasionally children spend part of their admissions as day patients, going home every evening.

We will make a Care Plan with you and your child to describe the work we will be doing together. Again we always seek your agreement to assessments and treatment. We provide you with any information and advice you need to make these decisions. Parents and local professionals will be invited to regular reviews to discuss progress.

We plan discharge arrangements with families and local services to do our best to ensure the help children need is in place in the community before they leave the unit.