Would you like to help improve therapy services?

We are keen to have more parents/carer(s) involved in shaping our services.

We are hoping to gather a selection of parents/carer(s) who are willing to take part in the areas that interest them, to help improve services.

There are lots of different ways that you could get involved:

This is an opportunity for you to get involved in giving us feedback and ideas for new developments to improve the service from a service user’s perspective. These may be one-off meetings or a couple of meetings which would typically last up to two hours.

This would involve attending team meetings and giving a parent’s view on the issues being discussed.  Meetings are usually once a month for up to two hours, and once a half term for up to three hours.

This would help to make sure that advice sheets are understandable and manageable for parents. This would usually involve up to two meetings lasting about an hour each.

This would involve reviewing newly developed documents and giving us feedback about any changes you would suggest. This could be done via e-mail/phone and would usually not involve attending a meeting.

This would help us to make sure that the staff we employ are appropriately caring, respectful and compassionate. We would value a parent being part of the interview panel and reviewing our interview questions when we recruit. Interview sessions are typically half a day.

We will get in touch to discuss your involvement and options available. There is no obligation to be involved, it means that the therapy services may contact you when a specific opportunity arises to be involved.