CNWL Arts in Health

CNWL Arts in Health is a rapidly expanding service that is community based and runs parallel to mainstream psychiatric services.

Research increasingly shows that taking part in creative activities has tangible effects on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Regardless of culture or time, people have always made art, which strongly indicates that art making is an inherent part of our humanity.

Participating in creative activities can often plant the seeds for future change and possibility, and remind people of their capabilities and value. Creativity engages the imagination, enhances a sense of identity and social worth which has endless possibilities which can influence profound change in an individual.

About the service

The aim of CNWL Arts in Health Service is to provide a healthy engagement with the world through arts, for those within and/or involved with mental health services.

We promote any possibility where art increases health and wellbeing. This could be by viewing art, hearing music or participating in a vast array of artistic activities.

Our aim is to provide participants with a safe space, to gain confidence and promote social inclusion within their community.

CNWL Arts in Health is not a clinically led service however it is facilitated by experienced artists and clinicians working in partnership with CNWL commissioned services. Therefore it supports the overall aims of social services in supporting patients with severe and enduring conditions after or during the discharge from formal mental health services.


Arts in Health and CNWL Arts Therapies Service are distinctly separated by their funding sources. The Arts Therapies Service remit is to treat patients and is commissioned for this purpose , whereas the Arts in Health service has a broader remit and includes bridging vocational aspirations and therefore is linked with community projects. It has funding sources from local councils and charity donations. We work closely with other professionals including Artists, Musicians, Actors, Dancers and Filmmakers, as part of their remit to provide quality projects for people with mental health issues.

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Registered Charity No 1082989

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Address: Roundwood Resource Centre, Harlesden Road, London NW10 3RY
Phone: 020 8438 1740

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