For the first gallery visit of 2022, CNWL Arts in Health partnered with Two Temple Place to offer participants’ a chance to visit their current exhibition, “Body Vessel Clay: Black Women, Ceramics and Contemporary Art,” a showcase of artworks by three generations of Black female artists working in clay. 

The exhibition begins looking at Ladi Kawli, a Nigerian potter, and explores how her work has influenced younger generations of International artists in radical new ways. 

Two Temple Place - Ladi Kwali.jpg 

After the visiting this dynamic exhibition, the group were led by artists through an interactive Clay-making workshop, to get participants actively involved with the creative process. The group had the opportunity to keep their pieces, or to add them to a “Clay Room” at Two Temple Place, a space currently open to the public to see participants’ work made in artistic response to the exhibition. 

Two Temple Place - sculptures.jpg Two Temple Place image.jpg

Throughout the pandemic, CNWL Arts in Health have been maintaining consistent interaction with service users through a weekly Zoom, ‘Friday Studios Online.’ The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for participants to meet back in person and was positively enjoyed by all attendees.

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