Hillingdon Health and Care Partners from across Hillingdon have come together to create a resource guide for all Hillingdon residents.

It is hoped that the information contained within this guide will serve as a useful tool that supports you and those you live with /care for to overcome the challenges of this unique time.

Click to download the leaflet

During this time of change it is important to maintain good health and wellbeing and your local GP, whilst likely operating differently during this time, should remain your main point of contact for your ongoing and future health needs and concerns.

You can also contact to Healthwatch Hillingdon if you need any advice and guidance from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday:

Telephone: 01895 272 997

Text Line: 07957 667 776 (SMS only)

Email: office@healthwatchhillingdon.org.uk

Website: www.healthwatchhillingdon.org.uk/contact-us


How are you coping with Coronavirus?

Hillingdon Health and Care Partners (HHCP) have produced a new support and advice leaflet for adults, parents and carers, and young people. 

You can read the leaflet by clicking here

It provides information and resources for people to access by telephone or via online. 

In May 2020 we asked you to complete a short survey to hear your experiences of lockdown to help share the future of care in HIllingdon. 

The survey asked Hillingdon residents and workforce staff about how lockdown has affected you and how accessing or working within Health, Wellbeing and social care services have impacted you. 

The feedback received was collated and has informed and fed into the Hillingdon HHCP Recovery Plan.

There is a summary presentation to show how HCCP have used your feedback to support creation of our Hillingdon Joint Recovery Plan.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the distribution and completion of the survey.

Working together to provide joined-up care for older people

Hillingdon Health and Care Partners (HHCP) is an innovative, joined-up approach to improving care for older people in Hillingdon.

The HHCP brings together hospital services, GPs, community and voluntary services to provide more seamless care for older people in Hillingdon, with the aim of preventing hospital admissions. We look after older people in their own homes, through care connection teams.

We work to head off an admission to hospital, through the use of early intervention.

The HHCP is made up of Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), H4All, a partnership of voluntary sector health care providers; and Hillingdon’s newly formed GP Federation, which brings together all of Hillingdon’s GPs.

Below is a short video about the work of the HHCP, through its Care Connection Teams.

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