Posted on: 1 December 2023

As we step into the festive season, we’re using this time to promote kindness to ourselves and each other.

CNWL’s Safety Team will be sending out daily messages throughout December, inviting us all to make kindness a big part of the festive season – showing kindness to those around us, those in our communities and remembering to be kinder to ourselves too.

The daily countdown will be marked by 25 easy-to-do, self-reflective kindness activities.

Act of Kindness #1

Appreciate Kindness: Thank people for doing things for you.

Act of Kindness #2

Appreciate yourself: Compliment yourself about something you have done today

Act of Kindness #3

Embrace the outdoors: Take a stroll in nature or clean up litter outside

Act of Kindness #4

Make a playlist of songs you enjoy

Act of Kindness #5

Compliment a colleague on something you admire in them

Act of Kindness #6

Practice gratitude: List five things you are grateful for

Act of Kindness #7

Take time to appreciate someone who does something you take for granted.

Act of Kindness #8

Compliment everyone you see today or tell a stranger to have a nice day

Act of Kindness #9

Text, tweet, email or write a positive note for a colleague

Act of Kindness #10

Make a donation to a local food bank

Act of Kindness #11

Call a relative to say hi or connect with a friend or loved one

Act of Kindness #12

Smile at people you see today

Act of Kindness #13

Take a break, and ask colleagues to join you

Act of Kindness #14

Start a conversation with someone new

Act of Kindness #15

Tell others what a great job they are doing

Act of Kindness #16

Be kind to your body: Take some time for exercise, stretching or practice relaxation

Act of Kindness #17

Take some time to tell yourself how great you are

Act of Kindness #18

Make a drink for yourself and a colleague

Act of Kindness #19

Practice mindfulness and ask colleagues to join you

There are a number of free mindfulness sessions available to staff each week: Mindfulness with Peter Helmer :: Keeping Well (

Act of Kindness #20

Ask your colleagues how they are feeling

Act of Kindness #21

Connect with colleagues: Start a conversation with someone you haven’t spoken with yet

Act of Kindness #22

Offer to help a colleague or run an errand for someone who needs help

Act of Kindness #23

Be kind to yourself: Notice when you are being hard on yourself or others and do something that makes you laugh out loud instead

Act of Kindness #24

Plan some acts of kindness towards yourself and others to undertake in 2024