Posted on: 18 November 2021

Luxmi Dhoonmoon, CNWL’s Tissue Viability Nurse (TVN) Consultant has co-authored an article on the topic of wound management: assessing the signs and symptoms in people with dark skin tones. Published on 5 November, the article appears in the online journal Wounds UK.

Visit the Wounds UK website to read the article.

Although patients with dark skin tones are more likely to be diagnosed with higher-stage pressure ulcers, there is generally a lack of evidence in wound care around skin tones. Aiming to provide clinicians with practical guidance, the article highlights this issue to aid accurate assessment and diagnosis in all skin tones.

A quote from the article reads:

“Teaching skin tone diversity is needed to ensure meaningful teaching and learning experiences, and that educators have a duty of care to inform and highlight health inequities in nursing and ultimately to enhance equity in care.”

skin tone bias in wound care picture.JPG