Posted on: 25 March 2022

Alastair Penman has been appointed as the Interim Borough Director for our mental health services in Hillingdon. He started in the post on Monday 21 March.

He will be working in CNWL’s biggest Division, Goodall, alongside Dr Mellisha Padayatchi as Clinical Director and Bertha Matunge as Assistant Director of Nursing.

Alastair says:

"I joined CNWL in 2017 and I'm loving my time with the organisation. As a social worker by background, I am proud of my professional roots and frequently tell people about being a Northerner in the South!

"I am delighted to accept this opportunity and to carry on the amazing work with our service users in Hillingdon. I will be continuing to work alongside colleagues and system partners and building on our developments. It is the staff we have here that stand out for me so thank you to you all and I look forward to carrying on working alongside you."