14 October 2021

SERV_INT_2126_BAME_BuddyScheme_A5_4pp_cover.jpgOur CNWL BAME Network created a buddy scheme in 2020 for colleagues to meet other members of staff for friendly, non-judgemental conversations, to share experiences, whilst being paired with one of the network’s BAME reps who are here to listen and support. During Black History Month, the scheme is keen to hear from staff who are looking for support.

How does it work?

A member of staff requests a ‘buddy’, they are then paired with a volunteer (a BAME rep) who is a either the BAME committee group, a BAME chapter network chair or a member of staff from our CNWL Buddies register and has agreed to be a point of contact to provide informal guidance.  

Read some of the latest feedback:

“From our conversation, as well as getting a better understanding of issues and giving food for thought as to how I can support the equalities agenda generally and on a theoretical level, I also took some tangible actions I could take from our conversations on how to support in practice, which is something I’ve found a real struggle in the past, so I was really pleased with the outcome.” Liam (Buddy) 

“Being a listening ear or someone who is experiencing difficulties or just seeking another perspective on things.” Angela (Buddy Rep) 

“Being able to share my knowledge and support to recognize where change may need to happen in order for the buddy to move their lives forward.” Paula (Buddy Rep) 

“Excellent support and helpful advice all the way.” Anonymous (Buddy) 

Assignment of a buddy can really make a difference and reduce the chance of you feeling isolated or unsupported. 

A Buddy scheme can be a useful mechanism for employees voice with shared characteristics or who have a shared goal. This can provide a sense of belonging and community and an opportunity to work with the organisation to bring about change. Training and guidance is offered where necessary and there is no time limit for BAME Buddies to support staff, it can include single or ongoing communication.

To request a Buddy or to become a Buddy rep please contact: cnwl.bamebuddy@nhs.net

CNWL staff can visit Trustnet for more information by searching ‘BAME buddy’.