Posted on: 10 May 2024

Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK) are running a series of webinars  to mark inequalities Week, which takes place from 13 to 17 May. The webinars will share some of the work that is taking place across the system to reduce health inequalities.

Find out how to sign up below. 

15 May 2024

Gypsy and Traveller Cultural Awareness

Sharon Wilson, Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer, and Ron Baker, Site Officer, host a webinar on how we can better understand and work with the Gypsy and Traveller communities in BLMK. . Sign up here

Denny Review

Reverend Lloyd Denny will host a webinar on the Denny Review – a landmark report which investigates health-related inequalities in BLMK. Sign up here

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16 May 2024

Making Every Contact Count

Sarah Simmonds, Director of Community Health and Wellbeing at Total Wellbeing Luton hosts a webinar on health and lifestyle and how to have healthy conversations with people during everyday conversations to make every contact count and help people make improvements to their lifestyle. Sign up here

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