Posted on: 8 September 2023

CNWL NHS is a Mental Health service provider in Brent, it’s Health Inequalities Team is part of Brent Health Matters. The work of the team was used as a blueprint on how to effectively engage with local communities and deliver excellent healthcare for other areas where CNWL provide services.

The team expanded on the lessons learnt from the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service and tailored their approach to engage with local communities in way that was unique and culturally respectful, building trust and opening up mental health services to people who wouldn’t have used NHS services before. That team have been utilising people from the community employed as ‘Community Connectors’ to connect with pillars of local communities including, Imams, Church and Temple Leaders.


Jenny Lanyero, Team Manager of CNWL’s Brent Health Inequalities Team delivered a presentation to various stakeholders including, governors and the National Director of Mental Health for England. The team’s success has led to increased referrals to mental health services in Brent.  

Jenny said, “We had to adapt our way of working to suit communities rather than services in order to meet their needs. This approach required a shift in our thinking and practice order to be more flexible and adaptable. We had to really listen to what people were telling us, take this on board and bring them alongside us to develop the kind of approach that was more meaningful to them, thus increasing awareness and understanding of mental health services and support, in turn increasing referrals.”

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