Posted on: 23 December 2022

Forget Charles Dickins, Clement Clarke Moore or Dr. Seuss

A new festive poem has been set loose

Inspired by T’was The Night Before Christmas  

This new take may even get you in the mood for fitness...

The poem written by two staff members from the Camden COPD and Home Oxygen Service, centres around the Clinician of the Day – known as COD for short – who is a team member triaging all the referrals that come into the service on a given day.

It is sure to put a smile on all those working in phsyical health.



by Caitlin and El


T’was the COD before Christmas and all through the Borough, not a patient was coughing, not even a splutter. The rescue packs were ordered and stocked with care, in hope that no wheezing would soon be there.


The patients were nestled all snug in their bed whilst visions of deep breaths danced in their head.

With The Boss on mute and I in my COD hat had just settled down for a long GP chat.

When from the gym there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.


The strip lights did gleam on the gym kit below, with the lustre of sweat, how it did glow,

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a marching Physio and 8 tiny Rehabbers.

That Physio was star jumping so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment one may be Borg 6.


More enthusiastic than patients the Physio came, and she whistled and whooped and called them by name;

March Barbara! Step John! Cycle Andy and Mary!

Faster Peter! Come on Jane! It’s really not scary!

To the cone on the left! Then the one on the right!

Now meter by meter, we’ll all feel alright!


I laugh’d when I saw this in spite of myself;

A wink in her eye, and timer in sight,

Soon gave me to know, they weren’t in for a fright

I spoke not a word and left them to their work,

Pushing their Rehabbers was clearly no joke.


They braced on their knees and gave me a nod,

The Physio sprung, to her team gave a prod;

10 sit to stands, let’s go, blow out, and no stopping!

I hear her exclaim as she starts a hopping,

And with that reassurance, I turned out of sight,

Happy Fitness to all, and all a good night!