Posted on: 1 May 2020

There is increasing evidence that COVID 19 is affecting people’s willingness and ability to seek and access medical care during this time. There is also growing evidence that individuals (including young people) already vulnerable to abuse and exploitation may be even more at risk during this period of reduced support and isolation.

CNWL Sexual Health Services are available to support vulnerable patients and assist professional partners managing and safeguarding individuals during this time.

We would aim to optimise partnership working and streamline pathways between CNWL Integrated Sexual Health Service and our various partner services, agencies and stakeholders in order to better support vulnerable individuals and those in need.

We cannot work in isolation and we recognise the need to work closely with partners to identify and address the needs of the vulnerable groups and maintain the opportunity for service users to maintain good sexual health during this period.

Our services continue to have lots of capacity for telephone consultations and are also able to offer limited face to face appointments and walk-in service for those in need. We will prioritise access to advice, information, testing and treatment to vulnerable and hard to reach groups and the organisations that support them.

If you are currently supporting a client who needs to access integrated sexual health services we offer several pathways.

Young People

  • If you are working with young people (under 18) and they want to access screening, have internet access and a safe postal address then we can advise on how to order a home testing kit.
  • For any young person a routine appointment can be booked for an initial telephone assessment via the central booking office on 0203 317 5252. Appointments are generally available for the same day or next day. If during the course of the telephone consultation a need is identified the young person can then be booked for a face to face review.
  • If young people under the age of 18 attend our services as a walk-in patient they will be assessed and if appropriate will be offered a face to face consultation. This service is not advertised but we will endeavour not to turn away young people needing care.
  • We are sending out an SMS to all registered patients under the age of 18 advising that we are available for help and advice.


  • For services working with vulnerable adults you can either support them to access online testing through SHL  or call our central contact centre on 020 3317 5252 who will book them a telephone appointment.
  • If a need is identified we are able to book limited face to face consultations (generally following telephone assessment, but this is flexible). This includes vulnerable adults such as people living with learning disability, mental health issues, commercial sex workers and those living with Domestic Abuse.

If you need any support and advice from the safeguarding team, or would like to refer a young or vulnerable person directly to the safeguarding team please call t 020 3317 5252 9:00 – 17:00 Monday-Friday and ask them to arrange a call back from the safeguarding team. This pathway can also be used if you have a young person that you would like to share information about and facilitate their appointment.

Our team of nurses, doctors and safeguarding advisers are available to offer support to patients and professionals to help patients access appropriate support, advice, screening and treatment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We look forward to working with you.

Our Integrated Sexual Health and HIV clinics are located in London and Surrey.

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