Posted on: 15 November 2022

CNWL is embracing a new approach that will improve patient safety and team performance using Human Factors. 

Human Factors makes it easier to do the right thing and harder to in-avertedly do something wrong. It is about the interactions we have with the people we work with, the equipment we use and the environment around us that, at times, can contribute to mistakes.

Surriya Subramaniam, CNWL’s Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Manager, explains more about Human Factors in this short film. In it he says:

“Once we know what contributes to the mistake, we can make changes to prevent the mistake happening again. This change in emphasis contributes to us being a learning organisation that is focussed on preventing mistakes so that we make outcomes better for both patients and staff.” 

CNWL staff can learn more about Human Factors by booking a one-day training course. There are spaces available and many staff have already been on the course. Search for ‘Human Factors’ on TrustNet to find out more.

Human Factors training - execs.jpg

Our Executive Directors and Senior Leaders were coached by the training team at Being Human about how Human Factors, Systems Thinking and a SCARF culture can combine to create better outcomes for patients and also improve team effectiveness.

Here are some examples below of how teams at CNWL are using Human Factors to improve how they work.